What You Should Ask Your Custom Home Builder

If you have decided to build a custom home, you have discovered the surprising benefits of building over buying an existing home. To grow more comfortable with the process, you should sit down with your custom home builder and ask a few questions.

What Kinds of Red Tape Is Expected?

Every build must adhere to local regulations and building codes. Sometimes, the permitting process is challenging. Then, you have to deal with inspections, zoning questions and other challenges. However, your builder has the experience and knowledge to smoothly navigate all the red tape that can be encountered during a build.

What Design Features Do You Suggest?

Your custom home builder’s job is to carefully listen to your desires, determine your lifestyle needs and ask questions about your likes and dislikes. Then, these professionals will make design, location and feature suggestions that fit within your budget. Because of their experience, these individuals may seem to read your mind. Be open to their suggestions, but don’t hesitate to share your preferences.

What’s included in the Build?

When you discuss your build and sign the contract, you need to know all that the build entails and if you have to pay extra for any features. You need to know whether you need to purchase any supplies, such as lighting, tile, flooring, etc., yourself. You should also ask about times when you need to approve or choose these features.

What Else Do I Need To Know?

Your builder will have information that you may not even think to ask, so ask what else you need to know. As your build proceeds, you will inevitably have additional questions. Don’t hesitate to contact your builder and ask them.

If your questions have to do with the choices you have made, e.g., you want to upgrade flooring or change something, contact your builder immediately. The further into the build you are, the more you will pay for changes.

You are probably looking forward to moving in, but take the time to ask your custom home builder your questions before the build begins.