Area Amenities and Attractions

Imagine opening the front door of your beautiful custom-designed home and stepping out into … paradise.


It sounds like a scene from a movie, but when your home is situated right the middle of Granby Ranch, one of the most scenic 5,000 acres anywhere on earth, you could be justified in mistaking it for paradise. Life here in Granby, nestled among the majestic Rocky Mountains, is quite unlike anything most people have ever had the good fortune to experience.


Surrounded by the natural splendor of the Rockies, you and your family will find it easy to stay busy, healthy and active, with plenty of sports, activities and events to be discovered in each season. There are always great deals to be found, particularly seasonal packages for families to go downhill skiing, mountain biking or fishing on the mighty Fraser River. Picturesque Lake Granby, the third largest body of water in Colorado, is also situated conveniently nearby. When it’s time to relax, take a short drive to one of the many soothing hot sulfur springs the Rockies are also famous for.


Granby Resort Home residents will enjoy ever-changing views of the scenic Granby Ranch Golf Course which their homes will be situated to overlook. They’ll also enjoy exclusive discounted tee times that will be offered by the course, exclusively for Granby Resort Home owners.


As you can see, in Granby Ranch there are activities to suit every appetite for adventure, as well as some you maybe weren’t even aware of:


Downhill Skiing

Many resorts in the area cater to skiers, of all ages and abilities, including night skiers, with runs for a range of skill levels and varying terrain.


Cross-Country Skiing

A huge choice of designated cross-country trails abound, suitable again for a range of skill levels. Snow shoeing is another very popular local pastime.


World Class River and Lake Fishing

The Fraser River, a tributary of the massive Colorado River, is just one location in the area to experience gold medal fly fishing. There are also many guided fishing tours available.



There are a variety of tour companies offering guided hunting tours or experiences, with elk and deer being among the most sought-after game in the area.



Campgrounds abound in the natural splendor of the Granby Colorado area. This is one of the best places in the world for camping enthusiasts looking to connect with nature and rediscover tranquility in the stunning natural surroundings.



There are too many miles of hiking and Nordic trails to estimate, providing hikers with a never-ending supply of fresh air and exercise on some of the world’s most spectacularly scenic trails.



Granby is located close to Mountain Bike Capital USA™, which attracts cyclists from all over the world to test their skills on a variety of trails and participate in organized activities for cyclists, including lessons.



The Granby Ranch Golf Club opened in 2001 and has consistently ranked ever since as one of the best public courses in Colorado. The Grand Elk Golf Club is particularly scenic; it’s also the county’s only heathland-style course.


Lake Granby

Lake Granby is the third largest body of water in Colorado. It was created by the erection of Granby Dam, completed in 1950. Perfect for Jet Skis, wake-boarding, water-skiing and wake-surfing.



With the Colorado River offers rafting enthusiasts a never-ending supply of fun and thrills, many local companies offer a range of rafting excursions and experiences.


Horseback Riding

For experienced riders of any skill level, as well as those who are new to riding, there are many local ranges and farms providing plenty of opportunity for horse lovers to indulge in their passion.


Hot Sulphur Springs

Historic & a truly unique natural attraction make Hot Sulphur Springs the perfect place relax and unwind. Hike and camp on untouched terrain, fish the Gold Medal Waters, or take a soak in the healing waters of the natural hot springs.

This list barely scratches the surface of all the amazing experiences and sports that can be enjoyed in Granby, Colorado. No matter what your favorite way is to stay fit and active while having lots of fun, you can find a place to do it, and meet people who also share your love for your favourite activity.