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The Process of New Home Construction

Buying a home is likely the biggest purchase you’ll ever make in your life. It’s an experience full of both excitement and anxiety. Building a home increases those feelings, as the process can be complicated, long and sometimes frustrating. Having a brand-new home, however, is a wonderful opportunity, but it’s important to realize what occurs with a new build. Understanding the full process can help ease your worries and concerns and make the entire experience amore pleasant one. Here are a few of the major milestones and tasks that go into a new home construction.

Create the Design

One of the many appealing things about building a new home is that you have so many options in choosing your style and design. Normally, you will choose from a handful of models, each with various layouts and floor plans. Each model also has optional upgrades and add-ons.

Plan Approval

Once you’ve made these initial choices, your plans will go before your local municipality for approval. Once zoning, engineering and other city officials sign off on your home, excavation can begin to start the foundation for you new home.

The Building Begins

Your new home construction gets in full swing at this point, as underground piping is started. This is followed by the framing of your home with wood or steel studs. As walls, floors and the roof are created, your home begins to take shape.

Choose Your Interior Options

Around this time, you’ll meet with a designer to choose your interior features such as flooring, cabinets, countertops, fixtures, lighting and more. Builders will continue your work and will start implementing your interior choices.

Work Inside the Walls

Professionals will now start running wiring and plumbing through your house. They’ll also install your HVAC system and test it.

Finishing Touches

Your new home construction ends with installing fixtures painting and touching up on all the final details. An inspection occurs, and your new home is ready.