Stock Versus Custom House Plans

Designing your home is exciting. You can get every option you want, at least the ones you can afford, from a custom home builder. However, you also have a lot of decisions to make, which can be stressful. Choosing stock floorplans can eliminate some of these decisions, but they may prevent you from getting everything you want. These are the advantages of stock plans versus custom plans.

Benefits of Custom House Plans

While stock house plans are built to appeal to many people, your custom plan can be designed especially for you and your family. Therefore, you can add or move rooms around so that the home best fits you. You can expand your kitchen for the gourmet chef in the house, add an art studio or include a second office. These are also beneficial for those with accessibility needs because these features can be built right into the floorplan.

If you are looking at stock plans and have many changes you would like to make, the cost can increase rapidly. In these cases, a custom home builder is a better option because the entire plan is based on your desires and needs, so you won’t have to pay extra for modifications to an established floor plan.

You can also check the designer, architect and builder’s credentials to ensure they are reputable and experienced in your area.

Benefits of Stock Plans

Stock plans are ready-made and typically cost less because they don’t have to be rechecked by engineers and architects. They should also meet local building codes. Because they already exist, these plans are available immediately, so your home builder can start construction as soon as you receive the plans.

Because most neighborhoods typically have only a few home designs, you can typically see the end result of stock plans in your own neighborhood or community. This can be stress relieving because you know what your home will look like and how it will fit into the neighborhood.

Ultimately, your lifestyle and needs will determine whether you can purchase stock home plans or whether you need to purchase custom plans. Your custom home builder can help you make this decision.