Don’t Let Common Mistakes Ruin Your Custom Home

The process of custom home building comes with huge potential rewards and a few dangers. The rewards are exciting. You get a new home built to your specifications, with all of the space, finishes, upgrades and design flourishes you have always dreamed of. The dangers, while sometimes hidden and sneaky, can easily be skirted with a little knowledge and forethought.

If you have already settled on a lot to build on, make certain you have considered the topography of the property, the type of soil or substrate, and the distance from a road. All of these factors can complicate the actual building process, as well the expense of the project. If your home site is a long distance from gas lines and public sewer lines this can add greatly to the overall cost of the home. If you haven’t considered these factors you might be in for an unpleasant surprise.

A related concern with custom home building is making sure that your home design will work with the lot you have purchased. If you have dreamed of having a nice walkout basement know ahead of time if your site will support this. Instead of being married to certain design features, being flexible can help you see a house that is suitable to the lot. You might be able to get something better than you had originally expected.

Don’t make the mistake of working with a builder who doesn’t share your vision. If you and the builder/architect are not compatible, the experience might be fraught with tension and you might not get the house you wanted. Spend some time getting to know your builder.

At Thomas Homes, you can avoid common mistakes that might create disappointment when custom home building. Then you can concentrate on getting just the right look for your bathroom or the most attractive counters for your new kitchen.