Ask Your Contractor These Important Questions Before Constructing a New Home

Choosing to build a new home may be the largest investment you make in your life. It will also require a great deal of your time and attention to create a building of your dreams. One of the most critical parts of the process is open communication with your new home construction contractor or building company about what you want to have in your new house. Here are some of the most critical questions to include.


You must request information about the features included in the price your builder gives you. Most companies offer basic or standard materials in building packages, but some offer upgrades at a minimal cost. Before you jump into a haven of option features, make sure you understand the thousands of extra dollars the additions could cost you.


Some residential construction companies offer different financing bundles to prospective house buyers. If you have a limited budget or are a first-time homebuyer, request information about the company’s new home construction incentive programs. From painting styles to kitchen fixtures, the options can save thousands of dollars in various forms.


Understanding the materials the builders will use to create the house can be critical to your home’s environmental footprint, thermal responses and maintenance costs. Important questions include: will the company use steel beams or wooden supports, will the bricks be double clay or standard and who will determine which advanced technology is used?


Most construction companies offer floorplans with pre-determined construction materials and finishing options. However, modern homeowners often want specific options, sizes and styles in their dream homes. For this reason, the limitations once considered normal have been modified by savvy building businesses to offer some floorplan changes. Instead of opting for the company’s package, ask what can be changed in room sizes, closet options and outdoor features.

Your home can be a once-in-a-lifetime dream come true, but if you don’t ask questions about your concerns, you may regret some decisions. Open the communication lines with your new home construction contractor by including the questions above in your conversations.