In this day and age, it’s pretty easy to tell if homes were built in the last decade. Older homes provide fewer options for technology or energy efficiency while the newest homes have functions built into thermostats and lighting, so you can control them from your phone. If you’re planning any new home construction in the near future, you need to know now what features are popular, easily available, and have the most long-term benefits.

These days, most people are increasingly conscious of the energy efficiency of their homes. Whether this is to care for the environment or merely to have a lower energy bill, it is easy for you to make similar inclusions in your future home. Certain windows, insulation, faucets, and toilets can all be chosen to increase efficiency, lower waste levels, and save you money each month. While many people choose to automate their homes for convenience, it also contributes to energy efficiency. The ability to control lights, air conditioning, water heaters, locks, and more from your phone means you can turn off everything you don’t need when you’re not home. Soon, this will be a standard expectation in new home construction.

Modern homes are also updating their floor plans. There is no longer a need for formal dining rooms or separate parlors for entertaining guests. Now, houses have open floor plans that are easy to walk through and can accommodate lots of guests at once. This is also an advantage as more families are sharing homes between multiple generations, so it is typical to have more than four or five people to live under one roof at the same time. A modern home requires purposeful space. This also applies to the grounds outside the house. A deck with a screen provides a wonderful outdoor space for gathering and enjoying nature and the comfort of your home simultaneously.

These top trends are here to stay. A wealth of options and features are available and more affordable than ever. Make sure you consider them when planning to build your new home.