8 Reasons to Have a Custom-Built Home

A custom home is one built especially for you. There are many benefits available when you choose to have a home built rather than buy a home that was a spec home or that was designed and built for someone else. Consider these eight benefits of custom homes:

1. Control

The overriding benefit of a custom home is control. From the choice of the builder to the floor plan and the design of the home to the choice of appliances, you are in control.

2. Location

With a custom home, you get to choose the exact location. Whatever your personal preferences may be, you get to choose.

3. Builder

With a custom home, you get to choose the builder that you want. You have the opportunity to check the builder’s references and inspect some of his or her work.

4. Floor Plan

One of the biggest benefits of a custom home is that you get to use a floor plan that is just right for you and your family. You don’t have to accept the elements that aren’t appealing to you in homes that are already built.

5. Customized Options

Custom homes offer customized options. You should be able to select paint colors, flooring, appliances, cabinetry and more. The amount of input that you will have will depend on your builder and your contract.

6. Functionality

The way the space will be used is up to you. You determine what functionality you want, and you can have the home designed accordingly. This is difficult with a semi-custom home or a pre-built home.

7. Quality

A custom home can be built with the quality that you specify. You can be assured of materials and brands that offer the quality of your choice.

8. Warranty

With custom homes, you get a warranty. If something breaks, the builder or the home warranty company will fix it. This offers peace of mind for many years.